TaylorMade RAC OS2 Irons Dive In Price

Hi everyone and thanks for checking out the big site today. I’ve got lot’s of little golfing bits so I think I’ll hammer out another golfing news and notes in point form. Before I begin… a big thanks to SirPutts for announcing to the world that I am a bit “follicly challenged”. I don’t have any serious dirt on him right now but I’ll find something. Consider it SirPuttsAlot 1 – SirShanksAlot 0. Now on to the news.

– Ecco Golf has announced that they have extended their agreement with PGA player Aaron Baddeley.

– Speaking of shoes… I posted some of the hot items in my shop the other day and forgot to talk about shoes. We sell a lot of Footjoy in my shop… they always seem to make good quality products at good prices. I’m sure that Footjoy will be our big shoe brand again this year but it should be noted that the Adidas Tour 360 has been getting a lot of looks. If you’re in need of some shoes be sure to try these… they fit great and provide excellent stability. Sure they’re a bit more money but most of my customers agree that they’re well worth it.

– We’ve been getting a lot of email asking for wedge and putter reviews. SirPuttsAlot and I decided a long time ago that we wouldn’t attempt these… wedges and putters are very personal. We’ll gladly answer any email questions you may have but don’t expect to see any reviews. We may consider doing wedge and shaft profiles (kind of like our Shaft Profiles) so stay tuned.

– A good email from a reader talking about used clubs and how to spot “oldies but goodies”. I actually did a post on this back in November 2005 (the 8th I think) so have a look there. I might try and do some sort of Golf Buying Guide post on it now so stay tuned for that too!

– A few markdowns that have kind of flown under the radar. The TaylorMade RAC OS2 have taken a dive in price. Most online retailers have made the change already so watch for prices to drop at a store near you. These are great irons and this lower price will only make them more attractive. Another club that has dropped in price is the Cleveland LDI. These things are dirt cheap now and are worth a look. The LDI is basically a driving iron and is offered in a few different lofts. Also worth a look… the Callaway Big Bertha fairway woods and matching 454 driver. It might be spring but there are still fall-like deals to be found!

– Bridgestone Golf has a pretty good promo on right now. Buy a set of J33 irons and they’ll throw in either a J33 Airmuscle or a J33 Utility wood. Not a bad deal!

I think that’s all for today. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. We’ll be back tomorrow with more golf news so be sure to stop by! Have a great night.

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