SirShanksAlot’s Mid Season Golf Club Rankings

July marks the middle of the golf season in many parts of the world. I thought it would be a great time to go through all of our golf club reviews and give our readers a quick overview of what we think are the best drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons out of this year’s crop. Keep in mind that these are based on reviews that we have already done and do not include things like the Callaway FT-3, any of the new TaylorMade products, the Titleist 735’s…etc. So… after 70+ golf club reviews… we present our “Top 5’s for the first half of 2005″…

Top Five Drivers

1. Nike Ignite
2. Cobra SZ
3. Callaway Big Bertha 454
4. Cleveland Launcher COMP 460
5. Cleveland Launcher 460

There are a lot of really good drivers on the market right now. These five were our favorites. All of them are long, forgiving and really easy to hit. Interesting that 2 “value priced” clubs made the cut… the Cobra SZ and the Big Bertha 454.

Top Five Fairway Woods

1. Tour Edge Exotics
2. Nike Ignite T-60
3. Innovex RLS
4. Cleveland Launcher Titanium
5. TaylorMade V Steel

I think most golfers would be happy having any of these fairway woods in their bags. Our top 5 is a good mix of stainless steel, titanium and combinations of the two.

Top Five Hybrids

1. TaylorMade Rescue Mid
2. Nickent Genex 3DX Ironwood
3. Titleist 503.H
4. Callaway Heavenwood
5. Cleveland HALO

It’s nice to see a company like Nickent up amongst the “big boys”. Our testers just loved these 5… some of them are very forgiving, some are designed for the better player but all of them are easier to hit than longer irons!

Top Five “Players” Irons

1. Mizuno MP-32
2. Callaway X-Tour
3. Cleveland CG1
4. Wilson Pi5
5. Mizuno MP-37

Not a surprise that Mizuno has 2 irons in this list… they make a great “players” club. It’s also nice to see Wilson make the list after a few lean years. Great clubs for the good player.

Top Five Game Improvement Irons

1. Callaway Big Bertha ‘04
2. Mizuno MX-23
3. Ping G2
4. TaylorMade RAC O/S
5. Cobra 3100 I/H

The trend in game improvement irons has been towards larger soles, bigger cavities and more offset. Some of the above irons have these traits but others are able to combine forgiveness and a traditional look.

There ya go… a quick look at what we here at like. Watch for more golf club reviews as the summer roles on. We’re here to help you make informed buying decisions!

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