4 Must-Haves For Golf Instruction

I’ve never really understood the stigma towards golf lessons and professional instruction. As a former golf teaching professional, it was often a challenge to convince players of the value of lessons. Their excuses always fell into two categories…

The most common excuse used was ‘I don’t need lessons’. This excuse (generally triggered by ego) was common among those players who could be found hitting ball after ball on the range, forever beating balls and never really improving their game. They were convinced they’d eventually find a solution to all of the faults in their game… just one more bucket…

The second excuse stemmed from those awful rumours about how players went to take lessons and the pro messed up their swing beyond repair.

I’m sure you’ve thought these at one time yourself. Truthfully however, hitting ball after ball with poor swing tendencies will simply engrain these faults, or teach you to work with them they best you can. And, assuming you’ll see immediate results after a lesson is pretty naive… when your swing is undergoing an overhaul, improvements will take time.

You shouldn’t go to court without a lawyer. You wouldn’t attempt to build a house without consulting some experts. Your golf game should be no different. If you truly wanted to improve your golf game, why would you go at it alone?

If you’re ready to make the commitment to taking your golf game to the next level, get some professional instruction. Now… here’s what you should know.
1) Not all instructors are created equal.
There is some truth into common stigma of golf lessons ruining players swings. You hear about it with amateurs and even in professionals at times. Many instructors have the mindset that every swing should be the same, and all swing faults have the same root causes. This simply is not true. Each and every golfer is different, they’ll have different swing tendencies, different tempos, different body types and different clubs – they are not all created equal. A seasoned professional, one that has had some longevity in their field and the knowledge behind it, know this, and takes it into account when teaching. Teaching professionals that have stood the test of time, have the experience to teach any and all golfers and help them improve their game using what they have to work with.

2) Instruction should include on-course time.
Range practice isn’t like real golf. Perfectly flat lies on perfect grass with no obstacles in your way isn’t golf – so why would you practice here? Sure, the range has its benefits for grooving out swing kinks, but true instruction and learning happens on the course, under real conditions. Understanding how to deal with uneven lies, changing grass conditions, random good breaks and bad, navigating trees, shaping shots and more are all skills golfers need to learn… and they are rarely taught on the range. Real golf instruction provides a complete overview of the game with actual challenges, not imaginary ones. If your instructor is only teaching you how to whack balls into the range, you are missing out.

3) Mental Game Should Be Included

Its hard to get into the golfing mindset on the range, just another reason why on-course instruction is really paramount. But going deeper into this, its hard to really improve your golf game if you can’t go through a real-course experience with all its ups and downs. Golf is one of the few sports that’s not reactionary. Think about it, what other sports out there allows you to contemplate everything before you to make your action. Soccer? Reactionary. Tennis? Reactionary. Baseball? Reactionary. Volleyball? Reactionary. Golf is not. Golf is all mental. You are constantly thinking about your next shot… and this is a huge part of the game. If you’re not training your mind in addition to your swing, you missing out on half the game. The mental game is often more important than your swinging game. Any good instructor knows this, and good instructors know this should be included in lessons.

golf-spa-teaching4) Open your mind, relax and be prepared to learn.
In order to truly improve your game you must be prepared to be a true sponge and be open to learning new things and apply them. You have to release all doubts, inhibitions and most importantly check your ego at the door. There are often golf instruction packages that include relaxation time and resting time in lavish environments, and we’d highly recommend them. And while you may think this is unnecessary, there’s actually a reason for it. When your mind is relaxed and at ease you are much more likely to be open to learning and taking what you learn to the course. You’d be surprised how effective a good night’s sleep can be on your golf game. Being tight and tense is no way to swing a club.

A recent golf instruction company has been making waves for offering a truly unique and all encompassing golf instruction experience. Bird Golf combines the nation’s best golf teaching professionals (with 20+ years of experience and know-how behind them), on-course instruction at incredibly beautiful and lavish golf resorts across the United States. You can choose a package that fits your budget, timeframe and location. These are multi-day intensive golf instruction packages with unlimited follow-up with your instructor post-lesson. This is what golf instruction should be.. and its no wonder this model has been getting national and international attention. If you’re looking to attend one of the best golf school in the nation, look no further.


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  1. I have had several instructors during my time at playing the game. I can agree with most of this articles points,save one,and that one wasn’t mentioned: cost. I honestly think that cost is the main reason most never take lessons..and I can’t say they’re wrong for it. For the money that I’ve spent to instructors, I could have gotten the same instruction on YouTube for free…exactly the same. I know that there are GOOD instructors out there who are not as worried about their income as much as their students outcome…but none that I had were like that. One did,however,explain to me WHY the PGA instructors had to charge what they did, and I’m not sure I agree with the PGA demands on it’s instructors…but that’s just my opinion. It’s supposed to be about benefitting the game for the average golfer,not an elite organization. Is it any wonder that courses are closing at alarming rates?

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