The Black Nike Golf Ball

Adams Golf has announced that they have re-resigned Tom Watson. Watson could very well be the best player on the Champions Tour and now he will be playing Adams Golf equipment for a long time to come.

I thought I would answer a few emails too… someone wanted to know about Lee Trevino and Jim Furyk and their absence from the new Top Flite website. I have not heard anything about the two golfers leaving the company but I do know that Top Flite really wants Hank Kuehne and Ricky Barnes to be their new “faces”. Both of them are young, talented and hit it a ton. Remember that Top Flite is owned by Callaway Golf which also owns Ben Hogan. Don’t be surprised if Furyk winds up with Hogan and Trevino with Callaway. Check out the new Top Flite website… .

Someone also wanted to know more about the new Bridgestone line. I have seen most of it and there are some pictures on . If you are familiar with Tourstage you will see a real similarity between them and the new Bridgestone stuff.

Someone else wanted to know about the Ping I3+ irons and their status for next year. I talked to my Ping source who says that we should still see the I3+’s this year but the majority of Ping’s attention will be on the whole G2 line.

SirPuttsAlot noticed that Vijay Singh’s Cleveland irons were darker than usual this weekend. He used to use the Cleveland TA1 irons with the gunmetal finish. He recently switched to the CG1 irons with the black pearl finish (which is a lighter color than the gun metal). I have been doing some digging and some asking around and I can’t get a 100% answer. My guess is that they were the black pearl irons but Vijay has been know to change stuff from time to time.

Watch for Callaway to release a few more versions of the Tour Blue putter. One of the models is a MOI MacGregor V-Foil style. Personally, I wish this line would just go away…. they don’t sell and people don’t seem too interested in them.

Yes… John Cook did use a black colored golf ball the other day. Cook used a Black Nike ball on a par 3…. an advertising gimmick if you ask me. Cook said that he will use the ball again in future events… gee I can’t wait. As for the Rules of Golf and how they apply to the situation… a golfer cannot change the type of ball that he or she uses during a round but they can change the color or the markings on it. Nike Golf will keep the colored ball hype going with the addition of an orange “Karma” ball in each box of the new Mojo balls.

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