AccuFLEX Evolution Shaft Profile

Profile – The AccuFLEX Evolution is one of the first shafts on the market to incorporate Nano Composite technology. This is a low torque, mid kick shaft designed for the stronger player.

What Makes It Work – Nanotechnology basically creates a tighter molecular structure and reduces voids in the shaft. This technology gives manufacturers tighter control over tolerances and the ability to produce lighter shafts with more strength. Nanotechnology also reduces shaft deformation and increases recovery rates.


Who’s it For – The Evolution is built for players who can generate a pretty good load on the shaft or who have a quick transition, the more aggressive hitters. The low torque and high density of the shaft gives a tight shot dispersion with a mid trajectory ball flight. It will play firmer than the designated flex.


What People Say – The Evolution is an innovative leader in shaft technology. It was the first nano shaft on the market and also the first nano shaft to win on the PGA Tour. Stronger players love this shaft for its tight shot dispersion and great feel. At under $100 this is performance you can actually afford.


More Information –



R, S, X
Weight – 72 g
Torque – 2.8
Bend Point – Mid

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