Mizuno FLI-HI II Hybrid Review

When the hybrid club craze started several years ago Mizuno was one of the first on the scene with the FLI-HI. The FLI-HI was designed to play like an iron but with greater forgiveness. Now they are back with the FLI-HI II, a slightly redesigned and improved version.

Like the original, the FLI-HI II is geared for the player looking for a hybrid club who prefers the look or feel of an iron to that of a fairway wood. The face and hosel are grain flow forged with 4135 high strength steel. This gives the club a soft, solid, feel very similar to that of the Mizuno irons and also allows the club to be fitted. The original FLI-HI was actually the first hybrid club that could be adjusted for lie angle. The club is hollow with a stainless steel shell welded around the back. This gives increased perimeter weighting to the club and lowers the center of gravity. The face is constructed with the CORTECH technology that uses three different face thicknesses for increased distance. The club is available in True Temper FLI-HI Sensicore steel or Exsar FLI-HI graphite as well as several custom shaft options.


Because it is designed and shaped more like a long iron, the Mizuno FLI-HI isn't as forgiving as some of its counterparts like the TaylorMade Rescue or Callaway Heavenwood. However its solid forged feel along with the accuracy and shot-shaping ability put it in a different category altogether. Many of Mizuno's staff players have one of these in their bags and it is definitely worth a look for someone looking to replace a 2 or 3-iron with something a little bit more forgiving but still accurate like an iron.


Overall Rating – 80%


Target Handicap: Mid to Low


Ball Flight: Mid


Lofts: 18, 21, and 24 degree


Shafts: True Temper FLI-HI Sensicore steel, Exsar FLI-HI graphite (LH only available in steel)

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