Fan Throws Loaded Hot Dog at Tiger Woods

Update: Video added.

Tiger’s back… and apparently one disgruntled fan is not happy about it. Tiger, who wasn’t really in contention this week but played a solid game was putting out on the seventh green at CordeValle, when a fan jumped the white rope, ran towards target armed with a loaded hot dog. The fan knew he was in trouble,and after launching the hot dog – which broke apart mid air, the bun landing short of the green, the wiener making it to the dance floor – quickly dropped to the ground in surrender. See the video below.

Woods missed his putt.

The hot dog tosser didn’t give a reason for his actions, but you can’t help but assume alcohol may have been a factor. At least it wasn’t a shoe. Some funny comments online about this incident (as you can imagine). My favorite has to be “what a waste of perfectly good $10 hot dog”.


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