Ping G2 Fairway Review

For the last several years Ping has had a great run with their golf clubs. The I/3 and I/3+ irons and then the G2 have all sold tremendously well.

The TiSi and TiSi Tec drivers have been really strong, and putters as always did well. What Ping was missing was a solid fairway wood to join the lineup. The I/3 Fairway was too small and tough to hit, the Tec Fairway too expensive. With the new G2, Ping may have found the answer.

The G2 is a stainless steel head and comes available in either JZ steel or TFC 100 graphite. Both shafts are lightweight and are ideal for players with slow to average swing speeds. Like all Ping clubs there are many custom options available. Also like previous Ping woods the G2 has a plastic hosel that can be custom ordered in three different lie angles. Although I have personally never seen anyone order one of these woods in a different lie angle it is an option that is available. The G2 is one of the better looking golf clubs that Ping has ever made, the black head looks sleek but golfers are still undecided on the crescent alignment aid on the crown and the plastic hosel is still a big detractor. I'm glad they finally got rid of this feature with the new driver.


The G2 is not the most forgiving fairway wood available but it is good enough for the majority of players to use. It has a solid feel and is constructed with variable sole thickness to increase the launch angle even with a deep face. The G2 is also designed so that the higher lofted woods will spin more than the lower lofted woods. The significant curvature on the sole of the club allows the G2 to be played effectively from a variety of lies. All in all the G2 tested well among staff and customers but it wasn't at the very top of any of the categories; looks, feel, distance, forgiveness, or accuracy.


Overall Rating – 60%


Target Handicap: Anyone


Ball Flight: Mid-High


Lofts: 12, 14, 17, 20, 23, and 26 degrees


Shafts: JZ steel, TFC 100 graphite

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