Callaway's MWT Driver Patent

Source: The IP Golf Guy – The Golf Patent Lawyer (Golf Inventions, Patents, Litigation, Trademarks): The New Feo Diablo?

SirShanksAlot Comments: An interesting patent from our friends at Callaway. Movable weight technology is anything but revolutionary these days. It is ironic however that Callaway is giving TaylorMade such a hard time about their R11, then they go and product a patent for a club with MWT. Hmm…



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The application for the patent goes on to explain:
The present invention relates to a golf club head with external weights that allows for weight modification after the manufacturing process. The golf club head comprises a face component and an aft-body. A plurality of recessed cavities are located on the aft-body. A weight component is disposed within the recessed cavities. A timesert is located at the bottom center of each of the recessed cavities. The timesert is comolded to the aft-body. The weight component is fastened to the timesert by use of a bolt. The recessed cavities are preferably circular in shape.

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