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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Today we're going to take a look at two new swings uploaded on SirSwings.  If you're interested on having your swing reviewed by myself and others, simply upload it to Youtube, sign up for an account at, upload your swing, and heed the advice of myself and others to improve your game.

Take a look at the videos below, and follow the link below to post your comments and rate on their swings (no sign-up required to comment or rate). We hope to be seeing your swing up on SirSwingsAlot soon.


 JoeyMozzer struggles with hitting a slice, about 80% of the time with his driver. Whats causing it?    

Comment and Rate on JoeyMozzer's Swing

Jdalbright's swing is very solid, what do you think he need to work on?

Comment and Rate on Jdalbright's Swing

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