Stop Shanking Checklist

fix your shank video

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by – we’ve got a quick little post today. The shank plagues many of us; quite often it creeps into our swing when we are in high-pressure situations. This is when fundamentals are key. Ensuring you’re the proper distance from the ball and your weight is properly balanced is key to avoiding the shank. ‘The Golf Fix’ has a rather high octane version of this fundamental check up. Watch below…



A re-cap…

1) Stand the proper distance from the ball – bend at your hips, with a straight back. Your arms should be resting in front of your belt buckle. When viewed from behind your arms should be hanging close to straight down. Standing too tall or too far from the ball will cause poor posture, leading to poor contact.

2) Balance – your body weight needs to rest on the center of your feet, if it rest either on your heels or your toes, your weight will shift during your swing leading to inconsistent contact.



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