The 3-Step Perfect Setup Position

What exactly is an ideal address position? The simple answer is one that gives you the best chance for success during your golf swing. I can’t emphasize enough how easily a solid posture will cure many of the faults in your golf swing. A proper posture can fix your swing path, plane, spine angle, weight shift, and a variety of other factors instantly. I highly recommend keeping a close eye on your posture, as over time, bad tendencies can start to creep up. Your most important thing to keep an eye on is your spine angle – if you’re in a bad position, your spine angle will have to move quite a lot during your swing… this will wreak havoc with your consistency.

Perfect Setup Address PositionThis simple drill I’m about to show you will get you into the proper address position, with a straight spine angle – for an average body type and build. The point here is to show the easiest way for you to incorporate the fundamentals of a good address position into your routine.

Step One

Stand up dead straight as shown in the picture. Stretch the club out in front of you. Your spine angle and arms should be dead straight, and your knees should be locked. As seen in the first picture top right.

Step Two

Perfect Setup Address PositionBend over, by sticking your butt out until the club hits the ground. Focus on keeping your back and arms straight. This move causes the most problems with my students, they have a tendency to curve their backs.

A great way to ensure your spine stays straight, is to have a friend place a club behind your back along your spine. As you bend over, try to keep ensure your back is still flat to the club. Use a mirror to double check your position. Your knees should still be locked.

Step Three

Perfect Setup Address PositionThe final step is to unlock your knees. Do not bend them! Unlock them only. Finally, relax your arms, wrists and the rest of your body so you are no longer tense.

Your final position should be one where your arms hanging loosely down from your shoulders. Your body weight should be centered on your feet, meaning not on your heels or toes. You should be bent over at the hips, with a straight back.

If you can get into this position at address, you will have a solid base in which to perform your swing on. This position will feel weird for most of you, but it sets you up for a simple swing that rotates around your spine (like most professional try to teach). This style of swing is simple to repeat and very consistent. With some practice, I’m sure you’ll see some results.

Give it a try!

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