TaylorMade To Offer Pre-Owned Site

Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by. All is pretty quiet in the golf business this week. New clubs have either been announced or released already and many cold weather markets are getting ready to close up for the winter. Tonight we've got a few odds and ends including news that another equipment giant is getting into the pre-owned business. 

It looks like TaylorMade Golf is getting into the pre-owned business. Callaway has had a site for used equipment for a while and now is up and running. The site offers a good selection of used TaylorMade equipment and is worth a look. 

We've had a lot of email asking about the new Mizuno iron line. SirPutts and I have not had a chance to hit these but a lot of readers have. Overall… reader comments have been very positive. We'll try and gather some comments and post them for all to see!

Nike Golf has added the Victory Red line to their website. The Victory Red landing page has some cool stuff… pictures, an interview with designer Tom Stites and more information on the soon-to-be-released irons.  

That's all for tonight. Thanks for all of your email and support! We'll talk to you tomorrow!

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