Zach Wilson Traded to Broncos: Fan Reactions and Speculations

Zach Wilson is heading to the Broncos! Fans cheer for a fresh start or express surprise. See what Reddit has to say!

The news of former Jets QB Zach Wilson being traded to the Broncos has taken NFL fans by storm. Sources reveal details of the trade, sparking reactions across Reddit.


  • Fans speculate Zach Wilson’s move for a fresh start with the Broncos.
  • Comments highlight the smart cost-saving move of not needing new QB jerseys.
  • Comparisons to other Round 1 QBs and humorous remarks flood the thread.

Zach Wilson’s New Chapter

As Zach Wilson switches gears from the Jets to the Broncos, fans see this as an opportunity for a reset button. Some are optimistic about Wilson’s potential in a new environment, while others reflect on his past performances.

Cost-Saving Wisdom

One user points out the clever cost-saving aspect of not requiring new QB jerseys in light of the trade. It seems like a small detail, but every penny saved counts!

Comparisons and Jokes

Amidst the serious trade discussions, Reddit users interject with humor and comparisons. From calling Wilson the ‘Mormon Mahomes’ to humorous musings, the thread is alive with banter.

The world of NFL trades always brings surprises, and Zach Wilson’s move to the Broncos is no exception. With fans reacting in various ways, the anticipation for Wilson’s performance with his new team is palpable. Whether it’s a fresh start or a shaky transition, NFL enthusiasts will be watching closely as this new chapter unfolds.