Yoga Teaching Tips for Beginners

A new yoga teacher seeks advice for her first class; nervous but excited to embark on her teaching journey.

A new yoga teacher is seeking advice for her first class, feeling nervous but excited to embark on her teaching journey.


  • New yoga teacher with no prior teaching experience seeks guidance for her first class in a condo community.
  • Specializes in Yin yoga but unsure how to approach teaching a mixed-level group.
  • Receives tips on structuring the class, incorporating grounding techniques, and managing expectations.

Advice on Class Structure

The community offers practical advice on structuring the class, emphasizing the importance of simplicity and considering students’ comfort levels and expectations.

Grounding Techniques

A user suggests incorporating grounding techniques like W.A.I.T (“why am I talking”) to allow moments of silence and reflection during the flow.

Getting to Know Your Students

Welcoming students, gathering information about their experience and goals, and creating a connection before class can help alleviate anxiety and enhance teaching.