Yoga Studio Shoes: To Wear or Not to Wear?

Should yoga studios allow shoes? Reddit users debate the need for shoes in yoga classes.

Should yoga studios allow shoes? The debate rages on in the yoga community about whether shoes should be worn during practice.


  • Yoga studios often consider the floor area sacred and prefer no shoes.
  • While some users argue for dedicated studio shoes for medical reasons, others advocate for barefoot practice.
  • The issue of cleanliness, foot strength, and safety in yoga postures adds complexity to the discussion.
  • Accommodations for medical concerns and studio cleanliness are key considerations.

The Great Shoe Debate

Many yogis believe that practicing barefoot enhances the connection to the ground and improves foot strength over time. They argue that wearing shoes can hinder this process and may even lead to misalignment or injury during poses. On the other hand, some practitioners require shoe support for medical reasons or personal comfort.

Medical Necessity

Some users suggest the use of dedicated studio shoes for medical conditions that require extra support. These shoes should be kept clean and used solely for studio practice to maintain hygiene standards and respect for the space.

Studio Etiquette

Concerns about cleanliness and respect for the studio environment are at the forefront of the shoe debate. Users propose solutions like wiping shoes before entering or using disposable booties to prevent dirt from being tracked onto the studio floor.

As the discussion unfolds, it becomes evident that the issue of shoes in yoga studios is multifaceted, encompassing considerations of tradition, hygiene, medical needs, and personal preferences. Ultimately, the decision to wear shoes in a yoga class may vary based on individual circumstances and studio policies.