Yoga on a High-rise Patio: Yay or Nay?

Discover if doing yoga on a high-rise patio is a serene experience or a recipe for disaster.

Yoga enthusiasts! Picture this: a yoga instructor moving to a new city, contemplating practicing yoga on a high-rise patio. Is it a peaceful zen zone or a risky affair?


  • Should you downward dog five floors up?
  • Is a high-rise patio ideal for yoga?
  • Concerns about practicing yoga in an apartment setting.

Positive Perspective

RAM-DOS encourages outdoor yoga and minimal risk-taking on the high-rise patio, suggesting headstands without hesitation.

Railing Safety First

TheDrunkenYogi raises a crucial point about ensuring the patio’s railing security and questioning space adequacy before rolling out that yoga mat.

Inversion Insights

megthefriendlyghost advises moving intense inversions like handstands indoors for safety reasons but finds the high-rise patio a charming practice spot.

Sideways Gravity Theory

Kaleid_Stone humorously contemplates gravity working sideways, leaning towards indoor yoga with the door open for an optimal viewing setup.