Yoga for Stiff 39-Year-Old Hamstrings: Find Flexibility in 15 Minutes

Discover quick yoga routines to loosen tight hamstrings for busy individuals.

Discovering yoga 15 years ago, a 39-year-old office worker seeks advice to improve flexibility with only 15 minutes daily.


  • Short on time, seeking quick daily yoga routine for tight hamstrings
  • Community recommends various yoga routines and movements
  • Advice includes targeted routines, common poses, and online resources

Increase Flexibility with 15 Minutes of Yoga

“[Yoga with Adriene – 20 min Yoga for Hamstrings](”

Target Your Problem Areas

“I’ve developed a 10-15 minute routine targeting my shoulders, back, core, and hip flexors, which works wonders.”

Consistency is Key

“Repetitions of Surya Namaskara followed by Savasana with a 10-15 minute routine can help improve flexibility.”

The community offers practical advice and support for individuals looking to enhance their flexibility and daily routines