Worst Value Public Golf: Which City Takes the Green Fee Cake?

Which city offers the worst value for public golf? Redditors tee off on overpriced courses.

Redditors share their gripes on cities with overpriced public golf courses.


  • Austin residents feel the pinch of high green fees
  • Philadelphia and Toronto are criticized for overpricing
  • Denver stands out for its well-maintained, affordable courses
  • Houston gets some redemption for providing better value

Austin: High Fees, Closed Courses

Austin golfers bemoan the upcoming closure of affordable city courses

Philadelphia vs. Portland

Philadelphians complain about public courses profiteering, contrasting with Portland’s balanced pricing

Denver’s Affordable Munis

Denver stands out for offering well-maintained municipal courses at affordable rates

Toronto’s Expensive Options

Toronto disappoints with long distances and high costs for mediocre courses