Wolverhampton Wanderers Controversy: The Debate on VAR in Soccer

Join the heated discussion on VAR with Wolverhampton Wanderers fans and critics.

Wolverhampton Wanderers fans and critics debate the merits of VAR in soccer, with strong opinions on both sides.


  • Improved communication key to resolving VAR issues
  • Separating referees from VAR suggested for unbiased decisions
  • Fans express opposing views on abolishing VAR

Fans’ Opinions

“Wolves should self-relegate and join us in the championship, where their fans can celebrate their clearly onside goals being chalked off because the linesman is hungover.”

Referee vs. VAR

“VAR is not the problem, referees are. And this is exactly what they want, the blame shifted from them.”

Solutions for Improved VAR

“Getting rid of VAR is dumb. Also, it’s dumb not fixing VAR. There are simple and realistic ways to fix VAR which would show an immediate improvement.”