Wisconsin Golf Trip: Sand Valley or Sedge Valley?

Planning a golf trip to Wisconsin? Discover if Sand Valley or Sedge Valley is the better choice and other hidden course gems!

Heading to Wisconsin for a golf trip in August and need advice on Sand Valley Resort and other courses?


  • Double up on Sand Valley or try Sedge Valley?
  • Discover other recommended courses like Erin Hills and SentryWorld.
  • Explore hidden gems like Lawsonia and University Ridge.
  • Local tips for a great golfing experience in Wisconsin.

Sand Valley vs. Sedge Valley

Opinions were split on whether to double up on Sand Valley or choose Sedge Valley. Some players recommended playing all three courses for the best experience, while others favored the unique challenge of Sedge Valley. Consider your preferences and physical endurance before making a decision.

Recommended Courses

Players highlighted Erin Hills and SentryWorld as must-plays in Wisconsin. Additionally, Lawsonia was praised as an underrated gem that offers exceptional value for its quality. University Ridge near Madison was also recommended for its challenging layout.

Local Insights

A local player advised not to underestimate the physical demands of playing multiple courses in a day, especially at Sand Valley. Recommendations for Wildrock and Trappers Turn in the Dells area provided alternative options for golfers seeking diverse experiences. Finally, local tips included cultural nods like avoiding Bears clothes and indulging in the local favorite, Spotted Cow beer.

Embark on your Wisconsin golf journey with a mix of popular courses and hidden gems for a memorable experience. Consider local insights to enhance your trip and make the most of your time on the green.