Will the Dodgers or Orioles Land Verlander in a Major Trade?

Dodgers and Orioles emerge as top contenders for Verlander. Will the trade happen?

JerichoRiley stirred up the MLB subreddit with speculation about the Orioles and Dodgers…


  • The Dodgers have a stacked pitching rotation, raising doubts about pursuing Verlander.
  • Orioles fans prioritize closing needs over starting pitching.
  • Fans question overlooking Houston’s competitiveness in the trade talks.

SmokeyJoeseph’s Doubts

The Dodgers’ depth in pitching raises concerns about pursuing Verlander, considering their current healthy rotation and young talent that can spot start. Giving up minor league assets seems risky for the team’s future goals.

WEMBYF4N’s Rotation Strength

Orioles fans feel confident in their rotation with Burnes, Bradish, GRod, and Means, valuing a closer over adding another starter. Prioritizing the team’s needs is crucial for their success.

SweetSassyMolassy44’s Perspective

Some fans question dismissing Houston’s competitiveness in the trade talks, highlighting the potential threat posed by teams like Anaheim and Oakland. The wildcard race remains tight and unpredictable.

jakey2112’s Trade Proposal

A humorous suggestion to trade for Yordon instead of pursuing Verlander adds a lighthearted touch to the discussion, showcasing fans’ creativity and playful spirit.