Wild Football Scenarios – Impact of Swapping Teams

What if you swapped your club and their rival in a match scenario? Fans weigh in on their hopes.

What if you could swap your club with a rival and see the impact? Fans discuss their hopes and fears.


  • Fans are torn between loyalty and strategic outcomes.
  • Some fans prioritize personal glory over rival defeat.
  • Others focus on the bigger picture for their club and rivals.

Win-Win Situation

Zestyclose-Web-8979 sees benefits in both clubs succeeding.

Loyalty Dilemma

[deleted] values team integrity over any potential losses.

Strong Sentiments

slackboy72 expresses strong disdain for Arsenal fans.

Rivalry Dynamics

Western_Style3780 prioritizes helping Liverpool over Everton even at a cost.

End Man City’s Reign

sozh finds glory in ending a rival’s success, no matter the consequences.

Mixed Priorities

HMSon777 weighs the consequences of aiding a rival in a tough decision.

Club Interests

seagull3344 urges prioritizing the club’s best interest over external factors.