Why the Edmonton Oilers Are Winning by Not Selling Jersey Ads

The Oilers are earning respect by keeping their jerseys ad-free. Learn why fans and players support this move.

The Edmonton Oilers have gained praise for not placing ads on their jerseys, proving integrity in a corporate world of sponsorships and branding. Fans and players are in agreement with this decision, recognizing the importance of respecting the team’s traditional jersey.


  • Fans recognize the Oilers for maintaining ad-free jerseys, applauding the team’s integrity.
  • Speculation arises about potential future ads on the jerseys based on corporate sponsorships.
  • Ownership’s stance on jersey ads is viewed as a positive aspect by fans and the community.

The Oilers’ Commitment to Tradition

Many hockey fans appreciate the Edmonton Oilers’ decision to keep their jerseys free from ads, seeing it as a sign of respect for the team’s history and tradition. The absence of corporate logos on the iconic Oilers jersey is viewed as a rare display of integrity within the sports industry.

Potential Future Ads

While the current lack of jersey ads is celebrated, some comments express concerns about the possibility of future advertisements. Speculation arises regarding potential corporate sponsors and the financial incentives that could lead to ads on the jerseys. Despite this, the community remains hopeful that the Oilers will continue their ad-free approach.

Community’s Appreciation

Support for the Oilers’ decision stems from a shared appreciation for the team’s dedication to tradition. Fans and players alike commend the organization for preserving the purity of the jersey and maintaining a level of authenticity in a commercialized sports landscape.

The Edmonton Oilers’ stance on jersey ads resonates positively with their community, showcasing a commitment to honoring the team’s history and identity. By eschewing corporate sponsorships on their jerseys, the Oilers are fostering a sense of pride and respect among fans, further solidifying their position as a team grounded in tradition.