Why Some Players Keep Driving in Pickleball and How to Handle It

Discover why some pickleball players prefer to drive shots while others opt for a softer strategy

In a recent pickleball session, a player found himself wondering why his partner kept driving shots relentlessly. Are there reasons behind this common occurrence?


  • Players have varying court sense levels, influencing their shot choices.
  • Novices often start as ‘bangers’ before mastering softer shots.
  • Partner dynamics in open play can affect coaching acceptability.
  • Understanding opponents’ capabilities is crucial in strategy.

Insights on Shot Choices

Some players naturally lean towards aggressive shots, while others prefer the finesse of softer plays. This preference stems from varying playing styles and skill levels. Beginners, particularly, may initially focus on hitting hard without realizing the strategic benefits of softer shots like drops and volleys.

Partner Dynamics in Open Play

While offering unsolicited advice may not always be well-received, advancing players often find like-minded individuals to practice strategic play. Open play environments can lead to diverse matchups, emphasizing the importance of adapting to different partner styles and approaches.

Understanding Opponents’ Capabilities

Courtside decisions, such as staying at the baseline or moving to the kitchen, rely on a player’s perception of the game. Some individuals may struggle with certain shots or movement, influencing their on-court positioning. Recognizing opponents’ strengths and weaknesses can help players craft effective game plans.

When faced with partners who favor driving shots, players can lead by example, showcase varied shot selections, and foster a collaborative approach to gameplay.~Joining or forming playgroups with aligned objectives can further enhance skill development and strategic exploration in pickleball.