Why Roma Fans Are Furious with Karsdorp’s Performance Against Leverkusen

Find out why Roma fans are up in arms over Karsdorp’s recent play in the match against Leverkusen.

As Roma faced off against Bayer Leverkusen, tensions ran high as Karsdorp’s performance sparked outrage among fans.


  • Roma fans express frustration over Karsdorp’s costly mistakes
  • Leverkusen’s early goal surprises viewers
  • Karsdorp’s performance leads to disbelief and criticism

Outrage Over Karsdorp

Commentators were quick to criticize Karsdorp’s lackluster play, questioning his professionalism…

Leverkusen’s Early Lead

Leverkusen’s unexpected early goal caught both teams and fans off guard, setting the tone…

Reflections on Karsdorp

As Karsdorp’s errors continued, fans took to social media to voice their frustration and disbelief…