Why Playing from the Front Tees can Transform Your Golf Game

Discover how moving up to the front tees can make golf more enjoyable and rewarding for players of all levels.

Discovering the secret to a more enjoyable round of golf can be as simple as moving up to the front tees. No_Soup817 shared their journey from frustration to fun after making the switch.


  • Moving up to the front tees can enhance the fun and pace of the game while offering more birdie opportunities.
  • Choosing tees based on handicap and distance, rather than ego, is key to enjoying the game.
  • Players highlighted the benefits of increased chances for birdies and faster play pace when playing from the front tees.

Embrace the Fun

HennyBogan emphasized how playing from the front tees increases birdie opportunities and adds a new level of challenge and reward to the game. Focusing on accuracy over distance is key.

Set Ego Aside

By sharing personal experiences, GhostofAugustWest and daisies4me highlighted the importance of choosing tees that match your skill level to maintain a good pace of play and enjoy the game without unnecessary frustration.

Varied Perspectives

BoothJoseph and SummerWhiteyFisk shared insights on how playing from different tees can enhance the golfing experience by offering new challenges and opportunities to work on different shots, regardless of skill level.