Why Pirates Called Up Paul Skenes: MLB’s Next Great Ace?

Will Paul Skenes live up to the hype as MLB’s next great ace? Fans weigh in on the pressure and expectations.

Paul Skenes’ call-up to the Pirates has fans buzzing about his potential. Is he the next big ace or is the pressure too much?


  • Fans express concerns over Skenes’ arm health amid high expectations.
  • Comparisons to other high-profile prospects raise doubts about Skenes’ future.
  • Speculation on his performance under pressure and media scrutiny.

Arm Health Worries

Fans like StartingToLoveIMSA are hopeful but cautious about Skenes’ arm durability, reflecting general concerns over young pitchers’ health.

High Expectations Backlash

Comments from mhammer47 highlight the intense scrutiny and pressure on Skenes, drawing parallels to other athletes facing similar expectations.

Performance Jitters

Some fans, like x6ftundx, worry about Skenes’ debut amidst chaotic circumstances, including national TV coverage and potential weather disruptions.

Final Thoughts

As Paul Skenes takes the field, the spotlight on his performance grows brighter. Will he meet the lofty expectations or crumble under the pressure?