Why Maple Leafs Fans Desperately Need a Playoff Win Against the Bruins

Maple Leafs fans react to the Bruins winning seven consecutive playoff series, hoping for a change in fortune.

Maple Leafs fans are once again reminded of their team’s struggles against the Bruins. The history of playoff series losses sparks mixed emotions among hockey enthusiasts.


  • Long-standing playoff challenges against the Bruins.
  • Frustration and humor among fans.
  • Hope for a turning point in the future.

Montreal’s Dominance

The mention of Montreal’s incredible 18-series win streak against Boston dampens the mood for some fans.

Maple Leafs’ Meme Status

Relief washes over as fans contemplate the possibility of being spared from becoming a notorious meme.

Historical Perspective

Fans recall the longstanding rivalry and historical context of Leafs’ playoff pitfalls against the Bruins.