Why Joe Mazzulla Coaches and What Everyone Thinks About It

Joe Mazzulla reveals why he coaches, sparking mixed reactions from the community.

Joe Mazzulla, former player turned coach, recently shared his reason for coaching which has sparked a variety of reactions within the community.


  • Joe Mazzulla’s admission of coaching due to lack of skill surprises fans.
  • Some fans appreciate Mazzulla’s coaching style and hope for a successful season.
  • Others joke about his skills in other areas like jujitsu and heists.

Bold Statements

“Pretty obvious he’d be elite at bank/fenway park heists”

Confusion or Humor?

“What the fuck? I thought he was good at jujitsu!”

Fans’ Support

“I like Mazz, I have no quarrels with him. Hopefully we can return to competitive form next season and grind out epic confrontations.”