Why Iowa Should Consider Running the Triple Option

Should Iowa switch to the triple option for success? Fans debate the pros and cons.

Exploring the idea of Iowa adopting the triple option offense sparks an interesting debate among fans. Some believe it could be a game-changer, while others cite challenges.


  • The triple option is losing popularity due to rule changes impacting effectiveness.
  • Execution and QB suitability are critical factors in the success of the triple option.
  • Opinions vary on whether the triple option is suitable for Iowa’s current situation.

Impacts of Rule Changes

One user highlighted the impact of rule changes on the triple option, making it less effective for schools in competitive conferences.

Execution and Suitability

Another user stressed the importance of precise execution and QB ability in running the triple option effectively.

Debate on Iowa’s Strategy

Fans diverge on whether Iowa should consider the triple option, with some advocating for a change to mix things up.