Why Good Golfers are Good: Insights from Golf Subreddit

Discover why good golfers excel at the game and how their approach impacts their scores. Read on for expert opinions!

Ever wonder why good golfers seem to excel effortlessly on the course? Let’s delve into the intriguing insights shared in a popular golf subreddit post.


  • Good golfers’ success is attributed to consistent play off the tee and skilled green approaches.
  • Striking the ball well is crucial, with short game proficiency enhancing overall performance.
  • Long game prowess is emphasized for achieving lower scores, especially at competitive levels.
  • Personalized advice and game assessment prove more beneficial than generic tips for improvement.

Insights on Golfers’ Skills

Many golfers believe that good players excel by consistently hitting quality shots and maintaining control over their swings. While short game finesse is important, long game proficiency holds significance, particularly in competitive scenarios where distance and accuracy are paramount.

Unique Perspectives on Short vs. Long Game

Some players prioritize ball striking over short game initially, enjoying the challenge of perfecting essential swings before refining their putting skills. However, others emphasize the critical role of short game efficiency, highlighting significant score improvements through precise chipping and putting techniques.

Challenges of Improving Short Game

Enhancing short game skills poses a difficulty for many golfers, especially as time constraints limit practice opportunities. While competitive players devote hours to shaving off strokes, recreational players find it challenging to make substantial improvements beyond eliminating basic errors.

Personalized Advice vs. General Tips

Receiving tailored guidance based on individual gameplay proves more beneficial than generic advice from online sources. Understanding one’s playing style and receiving feedback from experienced players lead to better results than following generic recommendations that may not address specific needs.

In conclusion, the golfing community’s diverse opinions on improving skills highlight the multifaceted nature of the game. While hitting it well is crucial, a holistic approach that balances long and short game proficiency is key to success on the course.