Why Golf Enthusiasts Aren’t Teeing up Support for LEGO Brickdale Golf & Country Club

Find out why the LEGO Brickdale Golf & Country Club model failed to garner support from the golf community.

After four weeks, the LEGO Brickdale Golf & Country Club model by MOCingbird had only 687 votes, far from the 10,000 goal needed for a LEGO set. The golf community’s response was mixed with some praising the model’s detail and others suggesting improvements.


  • The model received praise for its detail and creativity.
  • Some users suggested changing the theme to attract more interest.
  • Others recommended adding elements like golf carts or playable holes for more engagement.
  • Despite mixed reactions, many users appreciated the effort put into the design.

User Reactions

MOCingbird’s LEGO golf model faced a tough crowd of critics and supporters.

Some users felt the model lacked broader appeal, with one suggesting adding wild characters and conflicts on the course for a more engaging experience. Another recommended incorporating elements like golf carts and playable holes to enhance interactivity.

Despite the criticism, there were positive comments praising the attention to detail and effort put into the model.

Community Engagement

While the LEGO golf model may not have resonated with all users, many appreciated the creativity and craftsmanship behind it. Suggestions for improvements ranged from changing the theme to adding more interactive elements.

Overall, the reaction to MOCingbird’s model was a mix of constructive feedback and appreciation for the dedication shown in creating a unique LEGO golf experience.