Why Fans Are Sick of the Chet Holmgren-SGA ‘What a Pro Wants’ Commercial

Fans express frustration over the overplayed Chet Holmgren-SGA commercial in the NBA.

Fans of the NBA have had enough of the relentless airing of the Chet Holmgren-SGA ‘What a Pro Wants’ commercial that seems to haunt every commercial break. From catchy tunes to cringe-worthy lyrics, the community’s sentiments range from irritation to acceptance, with some even finding humor in the repetitive ad.


  • Fans are tired of the Chet Holmgren-SGA commercial disrupting game breaks.
  • Opinions vary from disliking the song to finding humor in the situation.
  • Some fans propose alternative options to the repetitive ad.

Fan Frustration

Many fans expressed their exasperation at the constant replay of the Chet Holmgren-SGA commercial. User Logz94 described feeling a unique kind of anger every time the song’s signature line, “DON’T LET ME GOOOOOooooOOOOO,” echoed through their TV speakers.

Critiques of Repetition

Commenter Brooklynfool highlighted the issue of overexposure, pointing out that the commercial seemed to air endlessly during every game break. They grouped it with other excessively played ads, like the Wingstop and Pedialyte commercials, emphasizing the monotony faced by viewers.

Alternative Suggestions

Some fans, like disfadbidge007, proposed radical changes by suggesting trading SGA and Chet while building around Milana Vayntrub, showcasing a whimsical take on the commercial’s impact.

The diverse reactions to the Chet Holmgren-SGA ‘What a Pro Wants’ commercial reflect the dynamic nature of fan experiences in the NBA community. While frustrations may boil over due to incessant exposure, there’s a shared understanding of the absurdity that comes with the territory of sports advertising. Whether fans find solace in venting online or simply tune out during breaks, the commercial serves as a unifying element in the collective fan experience.