Why Donny van de Beek’s Return to Man United Has Fans Divided

See why some fans support van de Beek coming back while others feel sorry for him

Many fans feel divided about Donny van de Beek’s return to Man United as Eintracht Frankfurt opts against permanent deal.


  • Some fans support van de Beek’s return, hoping he can prove his worth
  • Others feel sorry for van de Beek, believing his career has stalled
  • Critics argue van de Beek hasn’t shown enough quality

Support for van de Beek

“Perfect replacement for when Mainoo goes to Madrid 👍👏,” said one fan, highlighting van de Beek’s potential role

Criticism of van de Beek

One critic argued, “He’s shit. He’s had about half a dozen managers now and none of them rate him. He’s not a ‘system player’, he’s just a shit player. Really fucking shit,” reflecting a strong negative sentiment

Fans’ Empathy

Another fan mentioned, “Can’t help but feel sorry for him, despite his engorged bank account…” emphasizing sympathy for van de Beek