Why Do People Yell “Get in the Hole!”: A Golf Fan’s Dilemma

Stop the madness! Why do golf fans keep yelling this?

Why do golf fans keep yelling “Get in the hole!” Is there a reason behind this madness?


  • Yelling “Get in the hole!” confuses and annoys golf enthusiasts
  • Every yeller thinks they’re being clever, and it’s becoming tiresome
  • Comparisons to movie characters and sacrifices of beer in response

The Confusion

Many golf fans are perplexed by the constant shouting of “Get in the hole!” sidelines

The Annoyance

The repetitive nature of the shouts is wearing thin on the golf community

Movie References

Fans compare the scenario to famous golf movie characters, adding humor

The Sacrifice

Anecdotes emerge of beer being sacrificed in protest against such shouting