Why Celtics-Mavs on ABC Shattered Ratings Records

Sunday’s Game 2 of Celtics-Mavs on ABC attracts a staggering 12 million viewers, signaling a notable surge from Game 1.

Sunday’s Game 2 of Celtics-Mavs on ABC attracted a record-breaking 12,063,000 viewers, with a peak of 14,106,000 at 10 ET. This marks a remarkable 10% increase from Game 1.


  • Close games drive higher ratings.
  • Fans speculate that the blowout in Game 1 deterred viewers.
  • Positive reception to the ratings increase, hoping for continued growth.
  • Humorous remarks hint at reasons behind the surge in viewership.

Close Games Reign Supreme

One user remarked, ‘Close games get higher ratings,’ highlighting the impact of game competitiveness on viewership trends.

Speculations on Viewer Behavior

Many users suggested that the substantial 29-point lead in Game 1 led to a drop in viewership, with fans tuning in primarily for second halves of games.

Hopes for the Future

Amid the excitement, fans expressed optimism for the series’ ratings trajectory, anticipating further growth as the finals progress.

Humor in the community was palpable, with comments playfully attributing the surge in viewership to factors like the appeal to older viewers on Sundays and the prevalence of illegal streaming among younger fans.