Why Big East Fans Root for Other Conference Members in Tournaments

Discover why Big East fans support their conference members in tournaments and the interesting dynamics behind it.

In the world of college basketball, Big East fans find themselves rooting for conference members in tournaments, even if it means supporting traditional rivals. Let’s delve into the intriguing reasons behind this phenomenon.


  • Big East fans prioritize conference unity over individual rivalry.
  • The shared success of conference members benefits everyone financially.
  • Rooting for other Big East teams is a strategic move against powerhouse conferences.

Unique Bond Among Big East Schools

Big East fans showcase a rare sense of camaraderie by backing each other despite fierce competition on the court. The mutual support reflects a deeper connection beyond mere games.

Financial Incentives and Conference Strength

One user highlights the financial aspect, explaining how a strong Big East translates to more revenue for all members. This incentive prompts fans to cheer for rival teams for the greater good.

Rivalry Against Powerhouse Conferences

Big East supporters see their alliance as a strategic stand against dominant conferences like the Big Ten and SEC. Rooting for fellow members becomes a tactical move in the battle for college basketball supremacy.

Big East fans’ unique blend of competition and collaboration adds a fascinating layer to the tournament experience, showcasing the intricate dynamics within college basketball culture.