Why Are the Astros Still Facing Heat for Cheating?

Discover why the Astros continue to be criticized for their cheating scandal and how fans perceive their actions.

As an Astros fan, the author questions why their team still receives backlash for cheating. The post reflects on other teams’ involvement and justifications for the Astros’ actions.


  • Astros fan raises concern over continued criticism despite other teams’ cheating.
  • MLB fans point out lack of significant punishment for Astros’ actions.
  • Frustration towards Astros for lack of accountability and unapologetic behavior.
  • Comparison drawn between Astros’ cheating scandal and other teams’ historic misdeeds.

Reactions to Astros’ Post

Despite attempting to justify the Astros’ actions by mentioning other teams’ dishonesty, the Reddit community does not show much sympathy for the fan’s perspective. One user criticizes the lack of punishment that the Astros received for winning the World Series through cheating, highlighting the unapologetic attitude of the players and the failure of MLB’s leadership to address the issue effectively.

Emotions Running High

Several users express disdain towards the Astros fan for downplaying the seriousness of the cheating scandal. They rebuke the fan for seeking validation and defending the team’s tainted victory, emphasizing the Astros’ refusal to acknowledge their wrongdoing and the negative impact their actions have had on the sport’s integrity.

Community Outrage

Comments reflect a mix of outrage and disappointment towards the Astros and their fans. The community perceives the lack of remorse and accountability from the Astros camp, leading to ongoing animosity and a tarnished reputation within the baseball community. The sentiment remains overwhelmingly negative, with little room for forgiveness or understanding.

The discourse surrounding the Astros’ cheating scandal continues to evoke strong emotions and division within the baseball community. While the fan’s attempt to rationalize the team’s actions may stem from loyalty, the broader consensus highlights the deeper implications of cheating in sports and the lasting impact it can have on a team’s legacy. As the Astros navigate through this prolonged period of scrutiny, it is evident that their reputation and credibility remain under intense scrutiny, serving as a cautionary tale for future generations of athletes and fans alike.