Why Are Golfers Missing College Basketball?

Golfers share their thoughts on the absence of college basketball and its impact on sports entertainment.

Golfers took to Reddit to express their longing for college basketball season, sharing mixed feelings and comparisons to other sports.


  • Golfers express disappointment in the absence of college basketball, citing the perceived behaviors of professional players as a turn-off.
  • Discussion turns to alternative content ideas to fill the offseason void, highlighting the craving for engaging sports material.

Emotional Responses

One user laments the lack of college basketball, finding the NBA playoffs less appealing due to player conduct.

Offseason Entertainment

Another user suggests creative offseason content ideas to keep fans engaged during the basketball break.

Mixed Anticipation

A sense of excitement and apprehension brews as users discuss upcoming seasons and potential changes.

The golf community’s yearning for the return of college basketball is evident, as they navigate the offseason with varying emotions and expectations.