Who Will Excel Based on Golf Strategy? Expert Opinions Revealed!

Discover golfers set to shine using a unique strategy. Will Bryson dominate or is there a surprise contender?

In the golf community, experts debate which golfer will excel based on a specific strategy set for an upcoming event. Here are insights from golf enthusiasts on potential contenders.


  • Choosing golfers based on a strategic approach
  • Insights on potential contenders beyond the obvious choices
  • Emphasis on skillsets like ball striking, scrambling, and approach play

Expert Opinions

Several users highlighted Rory’s strong play around and on the green but expressed concerns about his approach at times. Ludvig was praised for his fantastic approach play and putting skills, while Xander’s ability to perform on big golf courses intrigued many.

Potential Dark Horses

Among the unfancied players, Koepka and Fitzy were mentioned for their mental strength and distance control. Fitzy’s chances were seen as decent if he could navigate off the tee effectively, hinting at a potential surprise performance.

Scottie’s Dominance

Scottie received high praise for his all-around skills, being described as the straightest ball striker on tour. His exceptional approach play and ability to hold greens were cited as key strengths that could give him an edge.

FeistyInformation357’s optimism about DJ’s upcoming major performance added to the diverse range of opinions, highlighting the anticipation surrounding various golfers leading up to the event.

Lastly, the discussion countered the notion that Bryson would overpower the course, emphasizing the importance of a well-rounded strategy rather than sheer power.