Who Pays for Golf Ball Damage? The Great Debate

Do golfers or homeowners foot the bill for golf ball damage? The debate rages on!

When it comes to golf ball damage, who should be responsible for footing the bill? A Reddit post sparks a lively debate on the topic.


  • Golfers debate responsibility for damages caused by stray golf balls.
  • Some argue homeowners living near courses should accept risk.
  • Others believe golfers should cover costs of any damage incurred.

The Players’ Perspectives

One Redditor suggested, “It’s not my fault they chose to live next to a golf course,” reflecting a common sentiment that homeowners bear the risk.

The Homeowners’ Hurdles

In contrast, another user highlighted the emotional toll of property damage over the years, questioning how to quantify such losses.

Who’s to Blame?

Debates spark over who should pay for damage to property adjacent to golf courses, leaving a contentious issue unresolved.