Which MLB Players Can’t Keep Their Helmets On? Fans Weigh In

Discover which MLB players struggle to keep their helmets on according to fans’ hilarious observations.

Which MLB players can’t seem to keep their helmets on when running? Fans share their hilarious insights on the helmet mishaps in the league.


  • Jose Ramirez and Ozzie Albies are known for their flying helmets.
  • Ha-Seong Kim’s helmet flies off even when he swings, and his bobblehead reflects the same.
  • JP Crawford and Anthony Volpe face struggles with their helmets staying put.

Losing Their Lid: Fans’ Picks

Some fans suggested that Ha-Seong Kim, the player whose helmet falls off even during swings, should perhaps consider a chin strap for extra security. Others, like quiltyfriendinOK, mentioned JP Crawford as another frequent victim of the airborne helmet syndrome.

Noteworthy Mentions

According to bmoney003, Anthony Volpe is a consistent contender for helmet loss during at-bats, echoing sentiments shared by RUFlOjones. Will Benson’s helmet mishaps also got a spotlight, noted by cam_breakfastdonut and bigredmachine5.

Keep Your Eye on the Helmet

Players like Vlad Guerrero Jr. and Bryce Harper also made the list for helmet malfunctions, with fans jokingly estimating the frequency of their mishaps during games. TexasistheFuture even drew a comparison to Josh Smith from the Rangers to a character from Creed when rounding 3rd base.