Which former co-worker or boss made you hate their favorite team?

Discover which co-workers or bosses can turn you against a team for life based on Reddit stories.

Have you ever had a co-worker or boss whose love for their college football team made you despise that team? Reddit users share their stories of how certain individuals turned them against a team forever.


  • Personal connections can heavily influence how we perceive a team.
  • Some users found certain fans insufferable, affecting their sentiments towards the team.
  • Negative experiences or behavior from individuals can tarnish a team’s image.

Individual Stories

One user’s boss, a die-hard Florida Gator, turned them against the team with constant praise during the Tebow era, despite subsequent events dimming their view.

Another user shared their experience with obnoxious Notre Dame fans, particularly those who exhibit self-righteous behaviors unrelated to the team.

Some users expressed how interactions with Tennessee fans or Ohio State enthusiasts soured their perception of those teams.

Personal encounters with fans, like the one who cheered for LSU, led to a lasting disdain towards the team.