Which College Basketball Teams Get the Most Out of Incoming Transfers?

Discover which college basketball teams have the most success with incoming transfers!

College basketball teams are seeing remarkable success with incoming transfers. Arizona’s approach to the transfer portal has propelled them to the top, while Illinois fans raise valid points about skewed data. Let’s delve into the dynamics!


  • Arizona excels in maximizing potential from incoming transfers
  • Illinois fans question the impact of exclusions on transfer data
  • Fans express varied sentiments on their teams’ success with transfers

Arizona’s Transfer Strategy

The success of Arizona in leveraging incoming transfers is attributed to Tommy’s strategic approach in targeting specific needs and system fit players rather than just recruiting the best available talents.

Illinois Fans’ Perspective

Illinois fans express concerns over the exclusion of multi-year transfers like Terrence Shannon, suggesting potential data skew. Despite this, they appreciate the analysis provided.

Fan Reactions

From humor to pride, fans share a range of emotions about their team’s transfer performance, showcasing the passionate and diverse nature of college basketball fandom.