Where Would You Tee Off Next? Golfers Share Dream Courses

Golfers dream big as they share bucket list courses aside from Augusta National.

When it comes to golf courses, Augusta National isn’t the only dream destination for golfers.


  • Golfers reveal diverse dream courses beyond Augusta National.
  • St. Andrews and Pebble Beach top the list for many enthusiasts.
  • Players seek history, challenge, and unique experiences in their choices.

St. Andrews: Golfing History

Golfers are drawn to the Old Course at St. Andrews for its rich history and iconic status in the sport. It’s a pilgrimage every golfer dreams of making to test their skills where legends have played before.

Pebble Beach: A Picturesque Challenge

Pebble Beach’s stunning coastal views and challenging layout make it a favorite choice among golfers looking for a memorable round. The beauty of the course combined with its difficulty adds to its allure.

Riviera and Cypress Point: Top-notch Experiences

For golfers seeking exclusive and top-tier experiences, courses like Riviera and Cypress Point offer a blend of luxury and challenge that attract players looking for the best in golfing.

With diverse preferences and motivations, golfers showcase their passion and aspirations for the game through their dream course selections.