Where Are the Female Golfers My Age? Insights from F23 Golfer

A young woman golfer seeks peers her age for a buddy and finds advice from the community.

A young female golfer is on the lookout for peers her age in the golfing community. She expresses her desire to connect with other young women who share her passion for the sport.


  • Introducing friends to golf can make the experience more enjoyable and social.
  • Women’s groups, clinics, and leagues at local courses can offer opportunities to meet female golfing partners.
  • Women’s leagues, Operation 36 programs, and college golf teams are avenues to explore for connecting with female golfers of similar age.
  • Proactive networking at golf clubs, workplaces, and community events can lead to finding like-minded golfing companions.

Young Female Golfing Community

A young woman, F23, expresses her difficulty in finding female golfing peers her age. She notes the prevalence of men and middle-aged women on local courses and seeks a female golfing buddy for shared experiences.

Community Suggestions

Reddit users provide helpful suggestions to the young golfer, recommending she introduces her friends to golf, explores women’s groups and leagues, inquires about college teams, and networks within golf clubs and workplaces to find potential playing partners.

Encouraging Female Participation

The responses underline the growing presence of young female golfers in the sport and emphasize the inclusive nature of golf. They highlight the benefits of female camaraderie, networking opportunities, and the overall enjoyment of golfing in a supportive community.