When Will the Ruby Pickleball Paddle Be Back in Stock? Expert Recommendations Inside!

Looking for the popular Ruby pickleball paddle? Find out when it will be back in stock and get expert recommendations here!

A 4.0 player seeks a replacement for the PHD 16mm paddle, eyeing the out-of-stock Ruby for its control and spin. Reddit users offer advice on alternatives and where to find the coveted paddle.


  • Recent in-stock sale for the Ruby; pre-orders available
  • Comparison with Six Zero Black Diamond Infinity paddle
  • Recommendations for Bread & Butter Loco and Neonic Flow paddles

Ruby’s Availability

The Ruby is expected to restock at [pickleballcentral.com](https://pickleballcentral.com) this week, according to a user. Another suggests checking at Santa Barbara pickleball shop for immediate availability. An offer to purchase a brand new Ruby is also extended within the community.

Alternatives to Consider

Users share experiences with paddles like the Six Zero Black Diamond Infinity and Bread & Butter Loco, praising their control and spin capabilities. A recommendation for the Neonic Flow paddle is made for its performance in gameplay.

Expert Insights

One user provides a detailed comparison of different Six Zero paddle models, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses in control, spin, pop, and power. They also mention an upcoming release from Six-Zero on March 26th.