When Will Guardiola Depart? – Analyzing Reddit’s Thoughts

Will Guardiola leave? When? What determines it? Reddit discusses the future.

When will Guardiola depart?


  • Speculations on Guardiola’s departure revolve around potential punishments and successes.
  • Guardiola’s possible successors spark interesting discussions.
  • The impact of ongoing legal charges on Guardiola’s future is debated.
  • Opinions on his possible destinations vary from PSG to coaching a national team.

Speculation on Timing

Users are divided on when Guardiola might leave, with some suggesting he may stay until 2025 or beyond, while others tie it to ongoing legal issues.

Potential Successors

The discussion extends to who could succeed Guardiola at City, with fans offering diverse opinions on the ideal candidates.

Legal Matters and Transfer Plans

Guardiola’s decision may hinge on the outcome of the legal investigations, and potential destinations are discussed if he departs from City.