What’s Your Pickleball Rating? Reddit Users Spill the Beans

Reddit users reveal their pickleball ratings but not everyone agrees with the numbers!

Reddit users are sharing their pickleball ratings and sparking debates about skill levels. Some believe players are overrating themselves. Who’s telling the truth?


  • Some users doubt the accuracy of self-reported ratings
  • Discussions center on different skill levels in pickleball
  • New players seek guidance on evaluating their own ratings
  • Experienced players compare their ratings with others

Are Ratings On Par?

Comments suggest skepticism toward the accuracy of self-reported ratings. One user remarks on the prevalence of “4.0-4.9” ratings, questioning the validity of these claims and implying inflated egos among players.

Experience vs. Perception

A user contrasts personal skill level with playing with seasoned 4.0-4.8 players, leading to a reassessment of their own rating. Discovering family ratings on DUPR adds a humorous twist to the discussion.

Truth or Tales?

One user humorously categorizes players into two groups: 3.5’s and liars, suggesting a discrepancy between actual skill and self-reported ratings. The debate intensifies as players defend or doubt the credibility of posted ratings.

As the conversations unfold, new players express uncertainty about evaluating their skill levels, seeking guidance within the community. Meanwhile, seasoned players like the user with a consistent DUPR rating of 4.4 to 4.65 challenge the reported high ratings, sparking further debate and analysis.